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Enjoy fabulous lifetime benefits

Fabulous Lifetime Benefits

Receive advanced training and learning strategies, plus easy attitude and lifestyle methods, plus kindness and compassion.

Tamar Osher provides expert teaching strategies and learning methods. Tamar Osher provides exclusive strategies and methods so that you will quickly achieve success.
With enthusiasm and joy, Tamar Osher provides a variety of online learning services.
Tamar is ready to help you with your special situation.
With energy and careful attention, I design presentations that you appreciate.
Enjoy expert service with guaranteed success.
Receive high quality teaching and reliable service from Tamar Osher, a compassionate, trustworthy teacher.

Enjoy the lifetime benefits of working with Tamar Osher.  Let’s live!

Don’t be left behind - get the remedial help that you need to succeed.
Project-based learning - explore and strengthen understanding.
Work at your own pace, without distractions.
Develop a firm sense of purpose, focus, and responsibility at a young age.
Education on your terms, done your way, learning what you want, with your chosen topics.
Enjoy a straight, fast path to success.  Don’t be dragged down by one-size-fits-all curriculums that were not customized for you.
Receive personalized learning that is not available with a store-bought curriculum.
Learn at your level, according to your learning style - no more boring lessons.
Develop excellent communication skills and social skills, with Teacher Tamar Osher.

Save time and money, to achieve the success that you want.

Begin working with Tamar Osher today.

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About Tamar Osher

Hello. My name is Tamar Osher and I am eager to help you.

I am known for:

  • my creativity to develop new lessons and new techniques in response to today's needs
  • my meaningful lessons that appeal to students' interests and goals
  • my emphasis on individualizing lessons for each student
  • my ability to engage students and make every day an exciting, fun adventure
  • my use of cooperative working groups as a teaching technique and classroom management style
  • my willingness and energy to help you find a solution for your unique situation
  • my flexibility and resiliency to immediately change when needed
  • my forward-thinking, loving attitude to build and maintain relationships in difficult circumstances
  • my kindness and compassion for each person that I encounter

I am a creative educator with a passion for helping others.  I am dedicated and dependable, and that can be seen from the excellent standard of work that I produce.  With professionalism, integrity, innovation, and experience, I provide education services that are personalized and caring.

I design experiences that make learning easy and fun.

I create and maintain an atmosphere where there's a focus, a purpose, comfort, engagement, creative expression, meaningful practice, rewarding experiences, and true success.

I am enthusiastic, and also sensitive to each individual's situation.  I am caring and dedicated.  You will see results.

Tamar Osher teaches with enthusiasm and joy.

Teacher Tamar Osher enthusiastically teaches students with fun, practical lessons that they can immediately use and enjoy.

When working with Tamar Osher, you receive expert professional services that lift you up to higher levels of living and learning.

Tamar teaches, leads, and manages with compassion, caring, dedication, and patience.  I quickly and smoothly lift you up to higher levels of achievement and success.  I have the personality and trustworthiness to ensure that you will flourish.

Tamar Osher is a highly qualified professional educator who is certified and licensed to teach multiple subjects to all ages and all grades, plus adults.

Tamar Osher is a strategy expert who is eager to help you be the best you can be.

Quickly achieve the success that you want, when working with Tamar Osher.

Do you want success?

Are you ready to achieve more, quickly?  Begin working with Tamar.

  • Tamar Osher is an education expert, providing a wide variety of exciting projects.
  • Cooperative group learning.
  • Unique, individualized projects.
  • High expectations.
  • Real life examples and problems to solve.
  • A soft, quiet, classroom atmosphere with an attitude of love, kindness, respect, and hope.

When you need someone you can trust.  Contact Tamar Osher today.


How do I enroll in your HOW TO BE GIFTED online course?
  1. At the website, join the Email List, to receive email messages from Tamar Osher.
  2. When receiving the email message, click the link to watch the Informational Video, to pre-qualify for the 28-day online study program.  After watching the Information Video, you are ready to enroll in the 28-day online study program.  
  3. Email Tamar Osher saying that you have watched the video and are ready to pay.  Then you will receive your invoice.


How do I pay?

You can pay after receiving the invoice, or you can pay immediately.  Payment is made using Zelle.


What is your refund policy?

There's no refund, since services have been received.  Also, Tamar Osher guarantees that each student always receives excellent service.


Guaranteed Success

Tamar Osher personally guarantees that each student will be lifted up to a higher level. 

You will succeed when you work with Tamar Osher.


How soon can I begin?

Receive your invoice, and then pay. You may begin immediately after payment has been received.


What is your payment policy?

All services are prepaid.
Payment is required before receiving services.


What is your privacy policy?

Your personal privacy is protected.
Tamar Osher, Ed.M., respects each person and is very careful to keep information private.

Tamar says:
"I have not, will not, and do not share any of your information with anyone.  I will never tell anyone anything about you."


What kind of help do you provide?

I provide education services and online assistance.
Tamar Osher provides a wide range of educational services.
Tamar Osher does not provide any legal, financial, or medical services.


What is your copyright policy?

All rights reserved. No part of Tamar Osher's publications may be reproduced or modified in any form, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.
Warning: If you copy anything from Tamar Osher's books, you could be sued for damages, plus lawyer fees, plus any additional charges against you.

All content belongs to Tamar Osher and is protected by both international and American copyright laws.  The words, sentences, designs, and graphics belong solely to Tamar Osher. 
Copying or transmitting anything from her books is fully prohibited.


What teaching strategies do you provide?

Tamar Osher provides a wide variety of exciting projects and games.  
Cooperative group learning.  
Unique, individualized projects that are designed only for you.  
High expectations.  
Real life examples and problems to solve.  
A soft, quiet classroom atmosphere with an attitude of love, kindness, respect, and hope.


Who do I contact to get a website like this?

Email Tamar Osher, saying that you are ready to pay for a brand new website.